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Before you go, here are more tips for getting started!

1)Be sure to start with 1 store! 
It's important to start with one store so you can learn their policies and not get confused. Every store is different. 

2) Take it 1 deal at a time so you don't get overwhelmed. 
You want to get comfortable with couponing and how it works. So only do 1 deal at a time so you can start seeing the savings right away!

3)If the transaction/deal doesn't work out, VOID the transaction. 
Don't feel obligated to buy the product if the coupon or deal isn't working. Don't feel embarrassed to just void the transaction and leave. There is always tomorrow. 

I recommend starting with CVS for couponing if you have one near you. They have the easiest policies to understand AND their rewards program is AMAZING!

Want to learn how exactly I get hundreds of products for FREE at CVS? 

If you answered YES, Click the button below and get my CVS Couponing eBook!


CVS Couponing Ebook 2021.jpg
CVS Couponing Ebook 2021.jpg
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