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Get my Budget Training today to learn how to track 
your spending & save money CONSISTENTLY!

 This is VERY important during your savings journey so you can keep track of how much you are spending and focus on your savings. 

Implementing a SIMPLE budget and tracking worksheet is how I went started SAVING $150-$200 a month! 

What do you get when you snag this bundle?

✅Learn how to create a budget easily so you can save money every month.
✅Calculate what you spend currently out of pocket so you have a starting point
✅ Analyze your budget each month and adjust accordingly to increase your savings.
✅ Get my EASY to follow budget worksheet
✅ Learn how to calculate your final cash cost of your hauls. (What rebate apps to factor in and what to leave out) 

Journey to Savings Course-10.png

Just $49

$17 !

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