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2nd Ibotta Haul! Finished Hike Bonus

A few glitches are not working anymore on Ibotta! Be sure to ALWAYS scan the products instore on the Ibotta app to see what rebates are attaching. Just because a rebate resets, doesn't mean its attaching to the same products.

Dead Glitch:

The All Free & Clear Paks are not longer attaching to both paks rebates. So now you only get $2 back for one. Still a great deal!

Bonuses: When you complete your Hike bonus, any extra rebates you submitted on that receipt with automatically start towards your next bonus which is called the Sled bonus! After I submitted my receipt from Thursday, I had 2 rebates already tracking towards my next bonus which was great. My sled bonus I only need 12 rebates to get another $3 bonus!

New to Ibotta: Click HERE to watch a video on how to use the easy app!

New to Fetch Rewards: Click HERE for a video tutorial on this app.

New to Swagbucks: Click HERE for a video on how to use it!

Printable Breakdown: HERE

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