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Dollar Tree Gift Basket Ideas 2020

Checkout 4 more gift basket ideas and all of these are put together from items at Dollar Tree! When you are putting together a gift basket the best thing to do is have a central theme. Whether its a Movie Theater theme or a theme for Coffee lovers, having a central idea or even color can help the gift basket look complete.

Movie Theater Basket

Popcorn Basket

4)Movie Theater Candy

1)Oreo Minis

1)Cracker Jack Popcorn

1)Movie Theater Popcor

1)Chex Muddies

1)Jerky Beef & Cheese Stick

1)Movie Theater Themed Fun Socks!

Total: $10

Men's Grilling Gift Basket

Wire Basket

1)Kitchen Shears

1)Large Knife



1)A1 Sauce

1)Mojo Marinade

1)Steak Seasoning

1)Teriyaki Marinade

1)Brush for Marinade


Total: $10

Coffee Basket

Christms Basket

1)Coffee French Vanilla

1)Christmas Coffee Mug

1)Christmas Tumbler

1)Entemanns Hot Chocolate Packs

1)Holiday Socks!

Total: $5

Bath/ Spa Basket

Christmas Tub

1)Lavendar Bubble Bath

1)Yardley Soap Bar

1)Bath Soak

1)Kiwi Eye Pads

1)Face Scrub Pads

1)Wax Melt

1)Candle Melt Holder

1)Body Oil Aloe

1)Shower Fizzies

1)Bath Pouf

1)Bath Bombs

1)Body Lotion

1)Frame - add a photo of you and the person you are giving the gift to for a Personalized Touch!

1)Wine Glass

1)Single Bottle of Wine or Sparkling Cider

Total: $15

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