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Walgreens Haul I Coach Purse Giveaway!

Walgreens this week has some great online deals this week using the digital booster for Spend $25 Get $5 Off or Spend $30 Get $10 Off.

A few tips for shopping online:

1)For the spend booster, you have to spend that amount after all coupons and Before Taxes.

2)Make sure the $5/$25 coupon doesn't affect your spend amounts for deals giving back Walgreens Cash.

The benefit of shopping online and choose FREE In Store pickup, is that you can be sure all the digital coupons are coming off when you see them in your cart. Its also more convenient because there are no lines. You don't have to worry about items being out of stock either. (Unless you are buying something on clearance, it may be out of stock and they will not charge you for an item they don't give you in an order)

Printable Breakdown: HERE

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