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Walmart Ibotta Haul - $70 Worth for $7.22! 7/10-16/22

There are lots of easy deals you can do this week that I share in this video! Always check your rebate apps to see if you have the same rebates and the amount back. All rebate apps vary.

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Be sure to download all the rebate apps so you can SCORE each week at Walmart. I know you may think its a lot of work, or takes a lot of time BUT IT DOESN'T . I submit my receipt in the truck after I checkout to all the apps I used and it takes me 2 minutes to save ALL THIS MONEY!

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New to using Ibotta? Click HERE for a tutorial video

Swagbucks Tutorial Video HERE

Shopkick Tutorial Video HERE

Printable breakdown here

1)Perdue Ground Chicken $3.44

Use $1 printable HERE

Ibotta: $0.50 back

Final Cost: $2.96

1)Baya Energy $2.38

Ibotta: $2.38


1)Poise Liners $5.46

Ibotta: $2 back

Shopkick $1.46 back

Final Cost: $2

2)Head & Shoulders $3.67 each

Use $3/2 from July PG

Ibotta: $3/2

Final Cost: $0.67 each

2)Pantene Nutrient Blend $6.99

Use $5/2 from July PG

Ibotta: $5/2

Final Cost: $1.99 each

1)Cetaphil Wipes $6.47 app $3.50 back

Ibotta: $2.50 back

= $1.47

1)Dr. Scholls Callus $4.97

Use $3 coupon from 6/12 SS

Ibotta: $2 back

Final Cost: FREE!

1)Olay $6.99

Use $2 coupon from July PG

Ibotta: $2 back

Final Cost: $2.99

2)Always Discreet liners $5.24 each

Use $5/2 from July PG

Ibotta: $5/2

Final Cost: $0.245 each

2)Kotex Liners $2.97 each

Use $4/2 from 6/26 SS

Ibotta: $0.50 back each

Fetch $1 when you buy 2

Final Cost: FREE!

1)Not Your Mothers Blonde $6.74

Ibotta: $3.50

Shopkick 765 kicks = $3.06

Final Cost: $0.18!

1)Advil $1.97

Shopkick 500 kicks = $2 back

Final Cost: FREE!

1)Febreze Unstoppables $6.94 each

Use $3 coupon from July PG

Ibotta: $3 back

= $0.94

1)Plantastic Gerber Pouch $1.78 app $0.35 back

Shopkick 350 kicks = $1.40

Final Cost: $0.03!

1)Dawn Dish Soap $2.84

Use $1 coupon from July PG

Ibotta: $1 back

= $0.84

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