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Walmart Ibotta Haul - ALL FREE!

Walmart had some HOT Clearance finds that matched up with Ibotta rebates too making them super cheap! I used a few different rebate apps in this haul but dont think its going to take you FOREVER because it WONT! It takes me 2 minutes in the truck after I checkout to submit my receipt to the different rebate apps. Is 2 minutes worth getting $88 back?? It is for me!

TIP: Always scan the product on the Ibotta app instore to make sure it works with the rebate AND that the rebate hasn't disappeared. Sometimes they come down quicker than their expiration date says.

Referral Codes:

💸Rebate Key:


💸Shopkick: Use code: BREE2021 (has to be all caps)


💸Fetch Rewards: J24VT

Don't forget to checkout Rebate Key! Its super easy and I have used it for the past few months. In total I have purchased over $180 worth of products on Amazon and gotten $161 back from Rebate key!

Printable breakdown here

Bonus: Mid Week Money Maker $3 for 15 rebates

2)Colgate Renewal $6.99 each

Ibotta: $5 back each

Swagbucks 600 SB on 2

Shopkick 300 kicks: $1.20

Final Cost: FREE+ $3.22 MM!

2)Lemi Shine Dish Washer Tabs $3.97 each

Ibotta: $1 back each

Swagbucks 300 SB on 2

Final Cost: $3.97/2 or $1.99 each

Shopkick Bundles:

1)Dove Men Skin Defense Antibacterial $5.97

1)Dove Women Anti Bacterial $5.97

Use BOGO Coupon from 4/18 Save

Shopkick bundle 1535 kicks : $6.14 back

= FREE+ $0.17 MM!

1)Suave Kids $2.97

1)Suave Men $1.98

Shopkick: 800 kicks : $3.20 back

Final Cost: $1.76/2 or $0.88 each!

1)Dove Men Advanced Bodywash $6.97

1)Dove Men Travel Spray $1.97

= $8.94

Use $3/2 dove coupon from emails.

Ibotta: $2 back

Shopkick: 1250kicks= $5 back

Final Cost: FREE+ $1.06 MM!

1)Old Spice Travel Bodywash $1.97

Shopkick 600 kicks = $2.40 back

= FREE+ $0.43 MM!

1)All Free & Clear $3.97

Use $1 coupon from 4/18 Save

Ibotta: $1 back

= $1.97!

1)Alba Bodywash $6.99

Use $2 peelie

Ibotta: $3.50 back

Shopkick 515 kicks: $2.06 back

Final Cost: FREE+ $0.57 MM!

1)Cremo Shave Gel Mens $5.94

Ibotta: $1.50

CO51 $2 back

Swagbucks 200 SB = $2 back

Final Cost: $0.47

2)Baby Dove Wipes $2.97 each

Use $3/2 Dove from emails.

Shopkick 375 kicks: $1.50 back

Final Cost: $1.47/2 or $0.73 each!