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Walmart Ibotta Haul - Mayflower & Weekend Warrior Bonus!

For this haul, I used a few printable coupons and some from previous inserts. However, therea re 16 rebates you can do to help you finish your weekend bonus and your Mayflower Bonus! Some don't require ANY coupons at all!

Be sure to download all the rebate apps so you can SCORE each week at Walmart. I know you may think its a lot of work, or takes a lot of time BUT IT DOESN'T . I submit my receipt in the truck after I checkout to all the apps I used and it takes me 2 minutes to save ALL THIS MONEY!

Don't for get to do the Rakuten deal this week as well! Its now Spend $30 and get back $30 cash from Rakuten! There are tons of store from Nike, Adidas, and Walgreens! See a video for a $21 money maker for Walgreens HERE

Checkout Rebate Key to get more FREE PRODUCTS from Amazon!:

Referral codes:

💸Rakuten Spend $30 Get $30 Cash Back Deal:

💸Rebate Key:


💸Shopkick: Use code: BREE2021 (has to be all caps)


💸Fluz: Cash Back App-

💸Fetch Rewards: J24VT

New to using Ibotta? Click HERE for a tutorial video

Swagbucks Tutorial Video HERE

Shopkick Tutorial Video HERE

Printable breakdown here

1)Air Wick $2.97

Use $1 coupon from website

Ibotta: $1.50 back

= $0.47

Shopkick Bundle:

1)Hershey Bar 5pk $0.82

1)Jet Puffed Marshmallows $1.24

1)Honey Maid Graham Crackers $3.18

Total: $5.24

Submit to Shopkick 800 Kicks + 30 scan kicks = $3.32

Final Cost: $1.92/3 items!

1)Muscle Milk Pro Series Shake $3.98

Ibotta: $1 back

Ibotta: $0.10 any protein shake

Fetch Rewards: 1200 points = $1.20 back

Final Cost: $1.68

1)Motts Mighty Juice $2.94

Ibotta: $1 back

= $1.94

2)Crunchmaster Crackers $2.78 each

Use $2/2 coupon from 5/16 SS

Ibotta: $1 back each

Final Cost: $1.56/2 or $0.78 each!

2)Nice & Easy Hair Color $6.92

Use 2 - $3 printable HERE

Ibotta: $3 Clairol Hair Color each

Ibotta: $2 Clairol Hair Color (2 rebates showing) each

Final Cost: FREE+ $2.16 MM!

2)Nice & Easy Root Touch Up $5.88

Use $6/2 printable HERE

Ibotta: $3.50 back each

Final Cost: FREE+ $1.24 MM!

1)Clairol Natural Instincts $6.92

Use $3 coupon from 5/23 SS

Ibotta: $3 back

Final Cost: $0.92

1)Alba Sunscreen $7.97

Shopkick 1250 kicks = $5

Ibotta: $2.50 back

Ibotta: $0.10 any sunscreen

Final Cost: $0.37!

2)Alba Coconut Shampoo/Conditioner $5.41 each

Swagbucks 1000SB on 2 or $10 back

Final Cost: $0.41 each!

2)Maybelline Fit Me Blush $4.68 each

Use $4/2 coupon fro 5/2 Save

Ibotta: $2 back each

Final Cost: $0.68 each!

1)Crest Complete $4.99

Use $1 coupon from June PG

Ibotta: $3 back

Final Cost: $0.99

2)Lemi Shine $3.97 each

Submit to Swagbucks 1000SB back

Final Cost: FREE+ $2.06 MM!

1)Suavitel Complete $2.62

Ibotta: $0.50 back

Shopkick 400 kicks: $1.60 back

Final Cost: $0.52

1)Twix Minis/ Fun Size Pack $0.98

Shopkick 380 kicks = $1.52 back

= FREE+ $0.54 MM!

1)M&Ms Classic Mix $1.48

Shopkick 500 kicks: $2 back

= FREE+ $0.52 MM!

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