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CVS Haul - $168 Worth for FREE! 10/3-9/2021

Checkout some easy deals you can do this week and TONS of beauty deals!

Couponing at CVS this week is a great way to save money. See how you can get $168 worth of products for $0 out of pocket using Fetch Rewards! How did I do it?

I always scan my receipts to Fetch Rewards whenever I go shopping to rack up points. Then you can exchange those points for giftcards to stores like CVS!

If you don't have enough points on your Fetch to get giftcards for CVS, then I would use Fluz and buy $10 giftcards at a time. When you use a voucher you get 35% cash back!


ALWAYS scan the products on the CVS app under Deals & Rewards to make sure the digital coupon or CRTs are showing they attach to that product.

CVS Couponing Course Enrollment ENDS TONIGHT 10/3 at 5pm EST! If you want to enroll and get 40% off PLUS all the bonuses, then click here:

Beginners Couponing Class - Oct 4th at 7PM EST

Click HERE to join! Spaces are limited

Advanced Couponing Class

Click HERE to join! Spaces are limited.

You can also use Fluz giftcards so you can get cash back for the giftcard you buy to pay for your final out of pocket cost.

***Want to get more info on how to coupon at CVS and how I am able to get $100 of products for FREE each week? Checkout this ebook below for all the experience I have gained over the years couponing at CVS and EXACTLY how I do it!

Couponing at CVS eBook:

Referral Codes:

💸Rakuten Spend $30 Get $30 Cash back Offer: *New users, has to be $30 before taxes and shipping cost to get the deal.

💸Rebate Key (FREE Amazon Products):

💸Fluz: Cash Back App-


💸Fetch Rewards: J24VT

Printable breakdown here

Big Hair Care Deal:

Loreal Buy 2 Get $4 ECB

2)Loreal Elvive $4.99 each

3)Pantene $12

2)Clairol Hair Color $7.99 each

4)LBP Shampoo/Conditioner $6.99 each

Total: $65.92

Use $3/2 Loreal printable NLA

Use $5/3 pantene from PG

Use BOGO Clairol from 9/26 SS

Use 2 BOGO LBP from 9/26 Save

Use $15/$60

Pay: $18.95 get back $4 ECB, $2 ECB LBP, $4 ECB Clairol ,$6 beauty buck

Final Cost: $2.95/11 products

Speedstick Deodorant Buy 2 Get $2 ECB Lim. 1

2)Lady Speedstick $6

Use $2/2 speedstick CRT

Pay: $4 get back $2 ECB

Final Cost: $2/2 or $1 each!

Butterfinger, Hersheys Candy $1.99 each

4) $7.98

Use $⅔ coupon from 9/26SS

Use $2/$8 Candy CRT

Pay: $3.98/4 or $0.99 each!

Loreal Facial Care Spend $30 Get $10 eCB Lim. 1

1)Age Perfect Moisturizer $19.49

2)Loreal Ideal Clean $5.49 each = $30.47

Use 2- $6 Age Perfect CRTs

Use 2- $5/$15 Loreal Facial Care CRTs

Pay: $8.47 get back $10 ECB + $3 beauty buck

= FREE+ $4.53 MM!

Covergirl Buy 2 Get $7 ECB Lim. 1

1)Eye Brow Pencil $6.59

1)Clean Beauty Pressed Powder $8.69=$15.28

Use $3 clean beauty from 10/3 SS

Use $2 eye from 10/3 SS

Use $3/$15 covergirl CRT

Pay: $7.28 get back $7 ECB

Final Cost: $0.28/2 or $0.14 each!

Ensure Buy 3 Get $7 ECB Lim. 1

4)Ensure $9.49 each

Use 2- $5/2 coupons from 10/3 Save

Use $5/$20 Ensure CRT

Use $2.50 Ensure CRT

Pay: $20.46 get back $7 ECB

Final Cost: $13.46/4 or $3.99 each!

Physicians Formula Spend $12 Get $8 ECB Lim. 1

1)Rose Mascara $12.49

Use $3 physicians CRT

Pay: $9.49 get back $8 ECB + $3 beauty buck

Final Cost: FREE+ $1.51 MM!

Spend $30 Get $10 ECB Lim. 1

1)Downy Unstoppables $11.94

1)Tide Liquid $11.94

1)Gain Liquid $5.94

Use $3 downy digital

Use $3 tide digital

Use $2 gain digital

Pay: $21.82 get back $10 ECB

Final Cost: $11.82/3 or $3.94 each!

CVS Baby Care Spend $25 Get $8 ECB Lim. 1

1)CVS Health 3 pack Wipes $6.99

1)Diaper Cream $6.79(50%)

1)Baby Powder $5.79

1)Baby Oil $5.79 (50)%

1)Baby Wash $4.99

1)Baby Shampoo $4.99(50)%

Total: $26.52

Use $5/$25 CVS Baby CRT

Pay: $21.52 get back $8 ECB

Final Cost: $13.52/6 products or $2.25 each!

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