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Rebate Apps

Adding cash back apps and rebate apps helps lower your Net Cost. They can also help a deal become a freebie or  even a money maker! Their rewards vary from FREE gift cards, cashback to your paypal, or even different beauty experiences. Use my referral codes listed below for each app to get additional welcome bonuses!

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Cash Back Apps

The best way to enhance your savings is by using some cash back apps and websites! This is how I get so many freebies each week and get cash back on items I am already going to buy!

Websites for Online Cash Back

When you are shopping online, why not get CASH BACK too! Get rewarded for your purchases and get something for you. Sign up using this link:  and when you spend $25 you get an additional $10 back!

Another great website you can create and account and get CASH BACK on your online purchases is through Rakuten! Spend $30 online through the website and get back $30!! Thats getting $30 worth of products for FREE! Treat yourself grab some essentials you need on me! Use this link:

Rebaid post for Website.png

Rebaid is a great website to use to get HIGHLY discounted products from Amazon and some are even FREE after rebate! No reviews required which is another bonus of this website. 

You can also sign up for DIRECT DEPOSIT after your first 2 rebates mailed by check. This allows you to get your cash back in 2-5 days after purchase! Click HERE to sign up free! 

Rebate Key

Rebate key is a website I use DAILY to get FREE products on Amazon. There are tons of deals as well for 70-90% cash back with this website. Checkout this video for exactly how to use it. Don't worry its SUPER EASY! And who doesn't love shopping on Amazon!

Sign up here:

Cash Back Apps

Fluz is a great app to earn cash back on your purchases. When you sign up with my code, you get 3 vouchers for 35% cash back! Learn the best ways to get the most cash back from this app in this video. 


Swagbucks is a great cash back app because you can get Giftcards OR cash out straight to your paypal account! There are surveys you can also do to make more money. Click this video to learn all about the app and how to maximize your savings. 

Fetch Rewards its the easiest app to use in my opinion. You scan your receipts and rack up points. You then cash out those points to thousands of different gift card choices! To learn how to use the app, click the video above for all you need to know about the app. 

Referral Code: J24VT

Ibotta is amazing because of all the bonuses you can get. There are tons of rebates which give you actual CASH back which is nice. You can cash out once you hit $20 which is not hard to hit at all! Join my team so we can reach the bonuses together and save even more. 

Referral Code: qmehsbf

Shopkick is a great app to use to get gift cards for FREE with no purchase necessary. See how you can get kicks for walking into stores and for scanning products in store! You can also get extra kicks for buying certain items. Click HERE to sign up and use code: BREE2021 (Has to be all caps). Get your first 50 kicks in 7 days and you will get a $5 Bonus!

Shopkick App

Referral Code: BREE2021

Additional Referral Codes

Shopkick: Click HERE to sign up and use code: BREE2021 to activate your $5 Bonus!

Checkout 51: cxwby5yl7Y APP: No Referral Program

Want to know how the reward apps convert to CASH? Click HERE to learn for each app what their points, Swagbucks, kicks etc translate to for cash value! 

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