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CVS Must Do Deals! $2 Diapers & Free Makeup! I 10/25-31/2020

CVS has SOOO many easy deals next week and you can get diapers for just $2 each using Ibotta! Be sure to send your CRTs from the current week to your card by Saturday night so that they don't disappear!

Tips: Always scan the products in store on the CVS app to make sure the coupon or CRT is attaching to that product. Go to "Deals & Rewards" on the app. Click the Barcode in the top right and scan the product. If the coupon or crt shows below then it attaches!

Printable Coupons in this video:

$2 L'Oreal Eye Makeup: HERE

$1 Maybelline Eye Coupon: HERE

$1 Maybelline Face Coupon: HERE

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