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Dollar General $5 Challenge 12/20-26/2020

There was a glitch on baby products that even $8 blankets and bottles were ringing up at 2/$5. There would also be overage if you scanned 2- $1 baby bottles and would get $3 overage. However, I scanned all the products in my store and they are no longer scanning for 2/$5. Be sure to always scan and verify if glitches are still working BEFORE you purchase the items.

These deals are from 12/20-26/2020 and use ALL DIGITAL COUPONS! New to couponing? Download my FREE Ebook HERE.

Printable Breakdown : HERE

Saturday $5/$25 Scenario:

$5/$25 Scenario

1)Tide Simply Pods $2.95

1)Air wick $1.65

1)Nivea Lotion $3.65

1)Oral B Floss Picks $2.25

1)Schick Disposable Classic Razor $4.50

1)Degree Deodorant $1.85

1)Ajax Dish Soap $0.95

1)Air Wick Starter Kit $3.35

1)Gain Detergent $3.95

= $25.10


Use $2 tide digital

$1 air wick digital

$2 nivea digital

$1 Oral B Floss digital

$1.50 Degree digital

$0.25 ajax digital

$1.50 air Wick Starter Kit Digital

$1 gain digital

$3 Schick Razor digital

Use $5/$25 Saturday Digital

Pay: $6.85 + Tax/ 9 items!

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Adam M
Adam M
Sep 08, 2021

Lovely post.

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