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Dollar General $5 Challenge 8/22-28/2021

These deals are ALL DIGITAL DEALS that anyone can do with the coupons on the Dollar General App.

*Note* Digital coupons do vary by region, so check your account and see what coupons you have.

Hit the + sign next to any digital coupon you want to use to add it to your account.

At checkout, have the cashier scan all the products, then type in your phone number. They hit total and all the digital coupons should come off.

Printable breakdown here

*TIPS* You can do ANY of these deals, you dont have to do them all. Any of these deals are valid for the entire week. You don’t even have to wait until Saturday to use the $5/$25 digital coupon.

*Always scan the product on the DG App under the Coupons tab to make sure the coupon shows its attaching to that product.

1)Colgate toothbrush $3

Use $2 digital coupon

Pay: $1

1)Colgate toothpaste $3

Use $2 digital coupon

Pay: $1

1)Bic Simply Soleil $3.30

Use $4 digital coupon


1)Tom’s of Maine Deodorant $3.75

Use $2 digital coupon

Ibotta: $1.30 back

= $0.45!

1)Bic pens $1

Use $1 bic pens digital coupon

= Free!

1)Toms of Maine toothpaste $3.50

Use $2 digital coupon

Final Cost: $1.50

2)Degree deodorant $4.35 each

Use $1.50 degree womens digital

Use $1.50 degree mens digital

Use $2/$6 suave,degree DG digital coupon

Pay: $3.70/2 or $1.85 each!

1)Suave Lotion $3

Use $1 digital coupon

Pay: $2

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