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How to Coupon at Dollar General!

Want to learn how to coupon at Dollar General? This video goes over everything from the Dollar General app, using digital coupons and putting together deals using their Saturday ONLY $5/$25 digital coupon! It's a great place to start saving money and less complicated than other stores like Walgreens.

I always recommend starting with one store at a time to really grasp it and get your confidence up! Once you know how to coupon at DG and have had some successful hauls, then you can try another store like Target or CVS.

Here are some steps to take to start couponing at DG:

1)Download the DG App

2)Create a FREE account with DG and use a phone number you have access to. This is the phone number you will type in the keypad at checkout so your digital coupons can come off!

3)Go to Coupons on the app and click the + sign to add any of the digital coupons to your account.

4)Type in your number at checkout and those coupons will come off your total for buying those products!

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