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Target Couponing this Week! Giveaway Winner Announced!

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

Target has some easy couponing deals this week that you can take advantage of! Most of them are digital coupon deals using Target circle offers and some rebate apps like app, Shopkick and of course IBOTTA!

If you are new to any of these apps, they are super easy to use! Here are video tutorials for each. They all also offer you welcome bonuses (Except app)

Ibotta: Click HERE for video tutorial

Shopkick: Click HERE App: Click HERE

Referral Codes:


Shopkick click HERE and use code BREE2021

Tips for Couponing at TARGET!

1)Always scan the products on the Target app to see if the Target Circle Offer attaches AND that you have it clipped. Click the + sign to add it to your account.

2)When you are getting giftcards back for doing the promotions, you can put that all on one giftcard. You dont have to get a bunch of different $5 giftcards.

*However, if you are using the $5 giftcard from your first transaction per say to pay for that transaction, then dont scan that giftcard to add any more $5 on from the transaction your are on.

Printable breakdown here

Palmers Buy 3 Get $5 Giftcard

3)Palmers $4.59 each = $13.77

Ibotta: $2 back each

Get $5 Giftcard

Final Cost: $2.77/3 or $0.92 each!

1)9 Elements Dish Soap $3.99

Use $3 target circle

= $0.99

Joy Hand Soap Buy 4 Get $5 Giftcard

4)Joy $3.99

Use 25% off target circle ($3.30 each)

Ibotta: $1 back each

Get back $5 giftcard

Final Cost: $1.05 each!

1)Bic Razor $5.69

Use 25% off target circle

Use $4 bic target circle MFG

Pay: $0.26!

Buy 3 Get $5 Giftcard

3)Nivea Men Shave Balm $5.59

Ibotta: $3.40 back each

Get back $5 giftcard

Final Cost: $1.57/3 or $0.52 each!

1)Bic ReVolution Pens $1.69

25% off Target Circle

Submit to App for up to $2 back


1)Bulldog Skin Care $6.99

Ibotta: $4 back

Ibotta Bonus $2 for doing offer twice

Final Cost: $0.99!

2)AirwickSpring Edition Warmers $4.99

Shopkick 520 kicks= $2.08 back

Ibotta: $1.50 back each = $3 back

Final Cost: $4.90/2 or $2.45 each!

Swagbucks also has 400SB on 2 = $4 back

Beloved Products

1)Face Mask $3.99

1)Soap $1.99

Shopkick 675 kicks each = $5.40 back

Final Cost: $0.58/2

Godiva Chocolate $2.99

Ibotta: $2 back each

Final Cost: $0.99!

Nivea Lotion Buy 3 Get $5 Giftcard

3)Nivea Lotion $4.99 each

Use $4/2 coupon from 4/11 SS

Use $1/1 from 4/11 SS

Pay: $9.97 Get back $5 Giftcard

=$4.97/3 or $1.65 each!

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