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Walgreens Beauty Event Haul - Enter Giveaway!

Tips: The digital booster and the paper booster are NOT stacking this time. There are also a ton of digital coupons you can use to lower your out of pocket cost!

- the Ibotta Rebates does NOT work on the small Gold Bond I purchased in this video.

Order of Operations are checkout:

1)Have the cashier scan any filler items first.

2)Have them scan the rest of the items.

3)Enter your phone number in the keypad.

4)Have the cashier scan the paper booster

5)Give them any register rewards you want to use.

6)Then have them scan any paper coupons.

7)They hit total, the digital coupons come off and you are left to pay the balance!

Update: The Beauty Enthusiast Program is ENDING on 10/31 so be sure to do this event Thursday or Friday to ensure you don't miss out on some last minute beauty points.

Printable Breakdown: HERE

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