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Walgreens Haul $10/$30 Glitch! 12/27-1/2/2020

Walgreens has some great deals this week including FREE Crest Toothpaste! There is also a glitch going on with the digital booster for Spend $30 Get $10 off on pickup orders. This booster is working for in store boosters too!

All you have to do is get $30 in product value, then digital coupons, paper coupons, and the digital booster will come off leaving you to pay a LOW OOP!

-You can also pay with Walgreens Cash or Register Rewards to lower it even more.

*If you want to use this booster for an online order to pickup in store, then you have to spend $30 AFTER all coupons and discounts come off the order.

Keep an eye out for the Walgreens Ibotta deals you can do. There are lots of Freebies after ibotta rebates so check your store. New to Ibotta? Click HERE for a video on how to use the rebate app!

Printable Breakdown: HERE

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