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Walgreens Haul 2/28-3/6/21

In this video I show you how to use the Spend boosters we got last week! I have a beginner friendly transaction you can do if you are starting brand new! There are tons of deals you can do using digital coupons so anyone can do these deals. Just be sure to clip the coupon on your Walgreens account under Shop & Savings

Click Savings

Scroll through the coupons and click the + to add them to your account.

Type in your number at checkout so all the coupons come off your total!

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Ibotta Glitch:

2 rebates for the pampers swaddlers diapers are attaching making them SUPER CHEAP!

How to Use Spend Digital Boosters:

For the Spend $20 Booster, you have to have $20 of product value BEFORE any manufacturer coupons but AFTER Walgreens store coupons. For example, the $1 off 1 for the Garnier is a store coupon. So you want to make sure your total is $20 on the nose or more after you calculate that coupon coming off.

You can hit that "spend" that amount with coupons, Register Rewards and cash/credit/debit.

So if you have $20 in coupons, then you can use Walgreens Cash to cover the rest because you already hit that spend amount.

Printable Breakdown HERE

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