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Walgreens Haul - $21 back from Ibotta! 6/6-12/21

Hot deals this week at Walgreens and I did 4 ibotta rebates to help you get closer to your Bonuses! Thats why I love Ibotta because ever week they offer new bonuses which is FREE MONEY!

I got back $21 from Ibotta in this haul which is incredible. That made my final out of pocket cost only $2.23 + Tax for over $50 worth of products. A lot of these deals use digital coupons as well that you can find on the Walgreens app. Here is how to clip a digital coupon.

To clip a digital coupon:

-> Go to the Walgreens App

-> Click Shop & Savings at the bottom

->Click Savings

->Then scroll through and see what coupons you want to use, click the + sign to add them to your account.

Looking for a specific coupon?

->Go to the search bar at the top of the app, and search "Colgate" for example.

->scroll down a little and it will show you the available coupons.

New to couponing at Walgreens? Here is a video tutorial for you!

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Printable breakdown here

Using Spend $20 Get $5 WC Digital Booster

3)Complete Home Baggies $2.79


Final Cost: $0.93 each!

1)Purex Detergent $1.99

Use $1 printable HERE

Pay: $0.99!

1)Bic Razors $5.99

USe $5 digital coupon

Pay: $0.99

Buy 2 Get $4 RR

2)Colgate $3 each

Use $3/2 digital coupon

Pay: $3 get back $4 RR

Final Cost: FREE+ $1 MM!

Oxy Facial Care B2G1 Free - Thanks Bianca for the deal!

1)Oxy Total Care $9.49 - FREE

1)Oxy Anti-Acne $11.49

1)Oxy Clarifying Cream $11.49

Use 2- $2 coupons printable HERE

Pay: $18.98

Ibotta: $5 back each = $15 back

Total: 39.75

-Coupons: $13.00

Pay: $26.75 (Use $1.29 RR, $4RR, $10WC)- RRs will attach to the Complete Home baggies because they dont have a coupon being used on them.

Pay: $11.46 + Tax OOP

Get back $15 Ibotta. $5 WC from Booster, $4RR Colgate

Final Cost: $2.75!

Transaction #2

Spend $10 On Crest/Oral B Get $5 RR

2)Crest Complete $4.99 each

1)Oral B Toothbrush $4

Use $1 Crest from June PG

Use $1 Oral B from June PG

Use $1 crest digital coupon

Pay: $10.98 Get back $5 RR

Ibotta: $3 back each on Crest Complete

Final Cost: FREE!

Additional Deals:

Softsoap Buy 3 Get $5 WC

3)Softsoap/Irish Spring 3/$10

Use $2 digital coupon

Pay: $8 get back $5 WC

Final Cost: $3/3 or $1 each!

Tide/Bounty/Charmin Buy 4 Get $6 RR - Do IG Reel

3)Tide Liquid $4.99

1)Tide Pods $4.99

Use $2 tide liquid digital

USe $2 tide pods digital

Use $2 tide liquid from PG

USe $2 tide liquid printable from HERE

Pay: $11.96 Get back $6 RR

Final Cost: $5.96/4 or $1.49 each!

Beginner Friendly Deals:

Transaction #1

Buy 2 Get $4 RR- Do IG Reel

2)Colgate $3 each

Use $3/2 digital coupon

Pay: $3 get back $4 RR

Final Cost: FREE+ $1 MM!

Transaction #2

1)Bic Razor $5.99

1)Purex Detergent $1.99

3)Complete Home Baggies $2.79

Use $5 Bic Digital

Use $1 purex printable

Pay: $4.77 + Tax

Use $4 RR from first transaction

Pay: $0.77 + Tax OOP!

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