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Walgreens Haul - $24 Curbside MM! 70% Off Clearance Finds! 9/19-25/21

Hot deals this week at Walgreens and there are amazing all digital coupon deals anyone can do!

Check your account for a digital booster for Spend $20 Get $5 Walgreens Cash as well!

There are also AMAZING curbside pickup deals you can do that are listed in the printable breakdown below.

You can get over $55 of products for FREE+ $24 Money Maker for Curbside pickup. It uses all digital coupons and takes advantage of the Spend $30 Get $30 back on RAKUTEN!

Click HERE and take advantage of it before its gone!

To clip a digital coupon:

-> Go to the Walgreens App

-> Click Shop & Savings at the bottom

->Click Savings

->Then scroll through and see what coupons you want to use, click the + sign to add them to your account.

Want to learn more about how to coupon? I have a LIVE Couponing Class on Zoom coming up! You can save your seat for either date: Sept 21st at 7pm EST! This class where I go over how to coupon, read coupons, digital coupon, rebate apps, and we put together a deal in the class!

Click HERE to reserve your spot before they are book.

Looking for a specific coupon?

->Go to the search bar at the top of the app, and search "Colgate" for example.

->scroll down a little and it will show you the available coupons.

New to couponing at Walgreens? Here is a video tutorial for you!

Referral Codes:

💸Rakuten SPEND $30 GET $30 CASH BACK:

💸 Rebate Key- FREE Amazon Products:

💸Fluz: Cash Back App-

💸Shopkick: Use code: BREE2021 (has to be all caps)


💸Fetch Rewards: J24VT

Printable breakdown here

Using Spend $20 Get $5 WC digital Booster- My account

Colgate Buy 2 Get $2 WC

1)Colgate Toothpaste $2.99

1)Colgate Toothbrush $2.99

Use $2 digital for toothpaste

Use $2 digital for toothbrush

Pay: $1.98 get back $2 WC

Final Cost: FREE!

Buy 3 Get $5 WC

4)Crest Toothpaste $3 each

2)Tresemme $4.99 each

Use $6/4 Crest digital coupon

Use $4/2 Tresemme digital coupon

Pay: $11.98 get back $10 WC

Final Cost: $1.98/6 or $0.33 each!

Buy 3 Get 1 FREE

2) Tide Pods $4.49 each

1) Tide Liquid $4.49 each

1) Downy Dryer Sheets FREE

Total: $13.47

Use $2/1 Tide Pods Printable HERE

Use $2/1 Tide Pods from Sept. P&G)

Use $2/1 Tide Liquid from Sept. P&G)

Final Cost: $7.47

Total: $41.43

-Coupons: $20.00

Pay: $21.43 (Use $20 in WC)

Pay: $1.43 + Tax

Get back $5WC for booster, $10WC for Buy 3 Deal, $2WC for Colgate

Final Cost:

4.43 + Tax/12 items or $0.36 each!

Additional Deals:

1)Airheads Filled Ropes $1.49

Get back $1.49 RR

Submit to Ibotta: $1 back

Final Cost: FREE+ $1 MM!

Softsoap Buy 4 Get $4 WC BOGO50%

4)Softsoap $1.99 = $5.97

Use $0.75 softsoap digital coupon

Pay: $5.22 get back $4 WC

Final Cost: $1.22/4 or 0.30 each!

Walgreens CurbsideHaul - using Rakuten for Spend $30 OOP [must be $30 out of pocket before taxes and any shipping] get back $30 + % back from store on Rakuten!

How it works:

1.Click link above and create an account

2.Search for Walgreens on Rakuten.

3. Click Shop Now

4. It takes you over to the Walgreens website.

5. Log into any account on Walgreens and place order like usual! Click curbside pickup so you dont have to pay for shipping!

Option #1:

4)Crest Toothpaste $3 each

1)Colgate toothpaste $2.99

1)Colgate Toothpaste $2.99

2)Tresemme Shampoo $3.99 each

2)Wet N Wild eyeliner $1.19 each

4)Softsoap Hand Soap $1.99 BOGO50%

1)Snuggle Fabric Softener $2.88

3)Almay Makeup Removers $5.99 B2G1 FREE

2)Air Heads Ropes $1.49

2)Hersheys Snack Size $1.99 each

Total: $56.13

Coupons: $24.75

Use $6/4 crest digital

Use $2 colgate toothpaste digital

Use $2 colgate toothbrush digital

Use $0.75 softsoap digital

Use $3/2 Wet N Wild digital

Use $5/2 Almay Makeup remover digital

Use $1 snuggle digital

Use $4/2 tresemme digital

Use $½ Walgreens digital for hersheys snack size

Use digital booster for Spend $20 Get $5 WC IF YOU HAVE IT - not necessary for this deal though.

Pay: $31.38 + Tax OOP

Get back $30 Rakuten

Get back 3% on Rakuten ($1.62 ish)

Get back $10WC for Crest/Tresemme, $2WC for Colgate, $5WC for booster, $1.49 RR for Airheads , $4WC for Softsoap


$2 back on Airheads ($1 each)

Final Cost: FREE+ $24.73MM!

CASH COST: Paid $31.38 + Tax OOP

Got back $30 cash from Rakuten + $1.62 cash from rakuten

  • $2 from Ibotta

= FREE+ $2.24 money maker

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