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Walgreens Haul $9 in Money Maker Deals! 11/29-12/5/2020

See how you can do 2 transactions and MAKE $9 when you get cash back from Ibotta! There are lots of high value digital coupons and easy deals to do this week to maximize your savings.

Tips: The $7 Gillette and $7 Venus Razor coupons are NOT coming off. The $5 and $10 off digital "boosters" are not working either so don't factor those into your scenarios. I tried to do the Live chat on to get the points back for the digitals that didn't work and it said there are not agents available for live chat right now. So you will have to call customer service for any issues you may have.

New to Ibotta? Click HERE to learn how easy it is to use the app and earn cash back on the items in this video like I did.

Printable Breakdown: HERE

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Dec 02, 2020

What sneakers were you wanting to buy? You can reach out to my point of contact and she can help you. Her email is Her name is Hannah


hi i try to buy the sneakers but it would not let me change size and one was 33.00 :(

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