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Walgreens Haul - Huge Online Money Maker Deal! 5/15-21/22

Updated: May 17, 2022

This week ANYONE can do a money maker deal for curbside pickup! You can do it right from your home, pickup the products and BAM! See below for the full breakdown of what to grab and what digital coupons to use!

👉Walgreens FREE Cheat Sheet: What deals you can use Walgreens cash on and how! CLICK HERE to download it!

👉Join the Walgreens Course - CLICK HERE

Now open! Only 9 spots left available at this price!

17 step by step videos for how to coupon at Walgreens, find deals on products YOU need, and arrange your transactions to pay $10 or less per haul!

The deals you can do online are listed below in the printable breakdown. Any deal using digital coupons can be done online for curbside pickup using Rakuten!

Rakuten still has the offer for Spend $40 Get $40 Cash back. They offer 15% cash back on Walgreens online orders ! As long as you spend $40 before taxes and before shipping out of pocket you can get the $40 cash back!

Click HERE and take advantage of it before its gone!

To clip a digital coupon:

-> Go to the Walgreens App

-> Click Shop & Savings at the bottom

->Click Savings

->Then scroll through and see what coupons you want to use, click the + sign to add them to your account.

Looking for a specific coupon?

->Go to the search bar at the top of the app, and search "Colgate" for example.

->scroll down a little and it will show you the available coupons.

New to couponing at Walgreens? Here is a video tutorial for you!

Referral Codes:

💸Rebate Key:

💸Fluz: Cash Back App-

💸Shopkick: Use code: BREE2021 (has to be all caps)


💸Fetch Rewards: J24VT

💸Field Agent:


💸Checkout 51:

Printable Breakdown here

Spend $20 Get $5 WC

Covergirl Buy 2 Get $5 RR

2)CLEARANCE Face products $5.79 each

Use 2- $3 coupons from ⅝ SS

Pay: $5.58 get back $5 RR

= $0.58/2

2)Hair Skin Nails BOGO $7.79

Use $3 digital

Use $3.50 digital (both attaching) - thanks Coupons with Alysia for the deal!

Pay: $1.29/2

Buy 2 Get $5 RR oral care

3)Super Floss $2.79 each

Use $6/3 crest digital

Pay: $2.37 get back $5 RR

Final Cost: FREE+ $2.63 MM!

Total: $27.74

-Coupons: $18.50

Pay: $9.24 (can use up to $5 in WC)

Get back $5RR Oral Care, $5RR Covergirl, $5WC Booster.

= FREE+ $5.76 MM!

1)Scott PT $5

1)Scott TP $5

Use $1.25 walgreens store digital (applies to both)

Use $1 scott tp digital

Use $1 scott PT digital

Pay: $2.75 each!

2)Talenti Raspberry Sorbet $6.49 each

Use $2/2 digital coupon

Submit to Fetch Rewards 100% points back lim 3.

Ibotta: $1.25 back each

Final Cost: FREE+ $2.50 MM!

Buy 2 Get $5 RR

2)Olay Bodywash $8 each

Use $4/2 olay bodywash digital coupon

Pay: $12 get back $5 WC

Final Cost: $7/2 or $3.50 each

Buy 2 Get $5 RR

2)Pampers $20

Use $3/2 digital coupon

Pay: $17 get back $5 RR

= $12/2 or $6 each

Toms Buy 2 Get $3 WC

2)Toms kids toothpaste $4.79 each

Use 2- $1 printables

Pay: $7.58 get back $3 WC

Ibotta: $0.50 each

Final Cost: $3.58/2 or $1.79 each

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