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Walgreens Haul - Ibotta Money Maker!

There are some AMAZING deals at Walgreens this week even without the digital booster. It worked on one of my transactions but not the other.

Be sure to always scan the products instore on the Walgreens app to make sure the digital coupon is attaching AND that you have it clipped to your card.

Process for checkout.

Give cashier all products to scan. (watching that each product rings up at the right price)

Then I type in my number.

Then I hand over any Register Rewards I want to use, and any paper coupons.

Then they hit total and I pay the rest with points and or debit/credit card!

If you are doing a deal that has a Register Reward printing I recommend BEFORE you checkout ask if their Catalina machine is working to avoid any additional issues at checkout. If its not working you have to contact the Catalina company and in the past, I never got my catalina coupons "mailed to me".

Printable Breakdown HERE

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