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Walgreens Must Do Deals! 10/11-17/2020 I Super Cheap Laundry Products from $0.90! I Digital Boosters

Walgreens has definitely been good to us lately with all of their digital coupons & boosters! There are some new boosters I mention in this video AND 2 scenarios on how to use them. See how you can use the spend booster and pay with points for a super low out of pocket deal.

We are getting 1 insert on Sunday 10/11 and its a Smartsource insert with TONS of good coupons so I recommend getting at least 1 newspaper or ordering your coupons online.

I use for individual coupons or to order full inserts ahead of time so you can sometimes get them EARLY!

Next week almost all the deals can be done using just digital coupons! That makes for a very beginner friendly haul and easy for everyone to take advantage of the savings.

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