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Walmart Ibotta Haul - 10 Free Products!

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

Ibotta has even more freebies and multiple rebates for one product that you can take advantage of! This is why scanning the products on the Ibotta app while you are in store is so important! Thats how you can find some glitches, multiple rebates or if an ANY Item rebate attaches to a product.

New to Ibotta? Use Code QMEHSBF to sign up and join my team! You will get a welcome bonus and join my team so we can help each other complete our monthly level bonuses!

New to Shopkick? Click HERE and use code BREE2020 (has to be all caps) to sign up. Be sure to always open the app when you go to walmart, CVS, Walgreens etc to get kicks just for walking into the store.

Click HERE for a video on how to use Shopkick

Printable Breakdown: HERE

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