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Walmart Ibotta Haul - $82 of Products FREE!

See how you can complete your Cold Hard Cash bonus before it expires! This is the last week to do any remaining rebates you have to complete it. I also completed my Mid Week Money Maker Bonus!

Remember with Ibotta, bonuses DO STACK! So whatever rebates you do, will count towards both bonuses if you have them.

*As Always be sure to scan your products on the Ibotta app to make sure the rebate pops up that it is attaching to that product. That way you wont accidentally buy the wrong product or a product for a rebate that expired and is no longer available. To do this, open Ibotta and click the store you are going to. For me, it was Walmart. Then click the Search icon at the top right and then the barcode icon on the top to scan the product barcode!

New to Ibotta? Click HERE for a tutorial on how to use the app. Sign up using code Qmehsbf to get a welcome bonus and join my team!

Printable Breakdown: HERE

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