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Walmart Ibotta Haul - Saved 75% on TONS of cleaning supplies! Clearance FREEBIES! 3/5-11/23

This week you can get a lot of easy deals on food and household products at Walmart! Be sure to grab what you need!

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Be sure to download all the rebate apps so you can SCORE each week at Walmart. I know you may think its a lot of work, or takes a lot of time BUT IT DOESN'T . I submit my receipt in the truck after I checkout to all the apps I used and it takes me 2 minutes to save ALL THIS MONEY!

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New to using Ibotta? Click HERE for a tutorial video

Swagbucks Tutorial Video HERE

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Printable breakdown here

1)Childrens Claritin $10.97

Coupons App $4

Ibotta: $4 back

= $2.97

1)Old El Paso Seasoning $0.88

Ibotta: $0.25

Pay: $0.63

1)Huggies $2.27

Ibotta: $0.25 back

Coupons App $0.50 back

Final Cost: $152

1)Colgate Optic White Renewal CLEARANCE $5.64

Coupons App $3 back

Ibotta: $3 back

Final Cost: FREE+ $0.26 MM!

1)Arber plant Food $1 clearance!

Fetch $5 back

Ibotta: $6 back

Final cost: FREE

2)Clorox Multipack Wipes $7.28

Coupons App $2/2

Swagbucks $5 back on 2

Final cosT: $7.56/2 or $3.78 each!

1)Lysol Wipe $3.47

1)Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner $1.87

1)Lysol Spray $3.97

Use 2- $0.50 printables from

CouponsApp $0.50 on 1

Ibotta: $0.50 on toilet

Ibotta: $0.75 wipes

Bonus: $1.50 back + $2 bonus

Final Cost: $2.56/3 or $0.75 each!

1)Fancy Feast Savory $2.48

Ibotta: $1.25 back

= $1.24

4)Dole Cup $2.88 each

Coupons App $2 back

Shopmium $2 back

Ibotta: $2 back when you spend $10

Final Cost: $5.52/4 or $1.38 each!

1)Nestum $2.66

Ibotta: $2 back

= $0.66

2)Oxi Clean $8.93 each

Swagbucks $10 on 2

Checkout 51: $2.23 back each

Final Cost: $3.40/2 or $1.70 each!

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