Ready to make 2023 your BEST year yet? 

Learn how to make 
an extra $500/month
reselling your stockpile!


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Create an achievable budget & track your spending consistently!

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Reselling your couponing stockpile is a great way to make some additional income every month! In the last 2 weeks alone, I have made over $350 and on track to make over $2200 this year! Imagine having an easy side hustle that can bring you extra income consistently!

If you are having trouble getting responses to your posts or just knowing where to start, this workshop is perfect for you!

What do you get when you join today?
✅ How to create a post for your stockpile that will actually sell. 
✅ How to price each product for maximum profit and sales
✅ How to write an eye catching description to sell your stockpile fast! 
✅ How to handle negotiations with potential buyers
✅ How to get repeat buyers to make it easier to resell your stockpile consistently. 
✅ What bundles sell and best
✅A La Carte pricing and strategies to increase each orders sale
✅ My strategies to help you make $500 for Christmas! 


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I polled my audience on Youtube and Instagram to see what everyone mostly struggles with when they resell their stockpile. 

I put all the answers, details and strategies into this workshop to help you from start to finish and be able to make $500 by Christmas!