Dollar General $5 Challenge! 1/31-2/6/21

There are some super easy deals and freebies anyone can get at Dollar General this week. For this $5 challenge I used both digital coupons available to everyone and some paper coupons from the Unilever 1/24 inserts and the 1/31 inserts.

I also show you in this video how to use the DG app to scan products and see if the digital coupon is attaching to avoid any issues at checkout.

MY process for checkout:

1)Have them scan all the items.

2)When they are done BEFORE they hit anything on their side type in your phone number.

3)Have them scan any paper coupons you have

4)THEN have them hit total so any digital coupons you have will come off.

*IF they hit total before they scan your paper coupons, any digitals you have for the products will come off and paper coupons wont be able to be used. For example on the Suave Natural hair products there is a $2 digital. So if they dont scan the BOGO coupon first, then only the $2 digital will apply and you will lose $3 of savings. They would have to void the whole transaction and start over.

Printable Breakdown: HERE

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