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Family Dollar Haul $5/$25! I All Digital Deals I 10/11-17/2020

Checkout 2 AMAZING scenarios for using the $5/$25 digital coupon with Family Dollar. These deals are using only digital coupons making it beginner friendly and ANYONE can do these deals! Just download the Family Dollar App and clip the digital coupons that I show in the video.

TIPS: There are some HIDDEN CLEARANCE items at Family Dollar. Have the cashier price check them for you so you know what the cost is to help you calculate your total and get to $25. If you are at $24.95 the digital coupon for $5/$25 will NOT work so be careful with that.

-Additional Potential Clearance Items-

1)Tide Febreze Liquid $3.50

1)Tide Ultra Pods with Oxi 32 ct $9

1)Gain Scent Beads/ Gain Fabric Softener (Island Breeze Scent ONLY): $4

Printable Breakdown: HERE

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