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Join today and unlock my entire system to save $1800/year! 

The Journey to Savings program is my signature step-by-step program that shows you exactly how to coupon the right way and get all the household and personal care products you need for $50 or less per month out of pocket!

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"Bree's course is great! I learned so much about specific coupons and how to use them to help me save hundreds! I went from saving 20-30% to saving 80-90% each CVS Haul!

My out of pocket used to be at least a $100 every month and now I'm barely spending $20! AND I'm actually getting items my family and I need and use! This course made couponing easy and well worth it! 
Thanks Bree! "

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I used to spend $1000 per month on my food and household products. After enrolling in this program I was able to reduce me costs and spent just $301.15! I was impressed at myself this month!!!! SAVING $698! I’m sticking it all back to buy a new car/my ultimate goal of retiring early and buying a house closer to my grandbabies!!!!🥰🥰


Martie went from spending $200 a month 
to spending just $31.03 in JANUARY! 

She saved $168.97 in just one month after
implementing the strategies I teach in THIS 

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Who Are We

"Just finished video 3 in Pillar 1. Holy cow, in just a few swipes, I cut $40.00/month on things that weren't needed anymore ! 🤯

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"I'm couponing for one person. Because I've been couponing consistently, I paid off an estate planning debt this month. Going forward, I will be able to save more money each month IN ADDITION to what I'll save by couponing. Thank you, Bree!"

Sharon S.

Here's What You Get When You Join Today:

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38+ Video Trainings

These detailed video trainings not only show you how to coupon, but how to strategically save your money consistently and increase it every month. (Value: $999)

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Private VIP Access to Me and the Supportive Community of Journey to Savings Members 

It's vital to also surround yourself with like minded people who are on their journey to save money every month. The support for each other and how everyone celebrates each others wins, is unmatched.  

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CVS Coupon Ebook

This ebook details all the important skills and steps you need to master to have successful hauls at CVS! You can download this ebook and always reference it for additional support. 

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BONUS: Budget Training & Worksheet

Learn how to put together a budget for you and your family that you coupon for. Implementing this budget system is how I started to save $150 every month consistently and be able to transfer that to my savings account!

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Couponing can be simple & a GAME CHANGER..... if you have a specific process to follow and eliminate all the guess work!

Before I learned how to coupon, I was living paycheck to paycheck missing out on lots of fun times with friends & family because I couldn't afford.

I hated being broke and had to even trade in the truck I always wanted to drive because I couldn't afford the payments. I cried when I drove off the lot leaving my truck behind.
I promised myself I would never feel like that again. 

After learning how coupon, saving $50 a month quickly turned into $200/month. 

4 years later I paid off my truck payment, credit card debt, and have an emergency fund!

This program not only teaches you how to save $1800/year, but also how to save TIME and coupon quickly!

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I am right on the other side, waiting to help you save more money in your bank account!

My Complete System For How to Coupon 

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Breakdown, examples and my exact blueprint for how to coupon. Everything you need 
to start saving $150 or more every month consistently. This is a proven process that worked for over 135 students and counting! (Value: $399)

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Myth: I can learn how to coupon for free on my own. 

FALSE: When I taught myself how to coupon, I learned the hard way that it's NOT FREE. Not only did it take me 6 months to really grasp the concept of couponing, but it cost me hundreds of dollars in mistakes.
For example: 
I was couponing, but not budgeting or understanding how to lower my out of pocket cost. So I was still spending $150 a month out of pocket.
  -Yes I was getting more products for the money, but my MAIN GOAL was to save money.

So fast forward 6 months, I spent $900 in out of pocket costs. You can learn from my mistakes and get my signature program for 1/3 of that cost and save $1200 a year! 

Just like Laurie, I used to spend 5+ hours a day trying to watch other people's hauls on Youtube and piece together deals only to have issues at checkout, and spending WAY more out of pocket than I anticipated. 
Learning how to coupon on your own can take up to 6 months and cost you hundreds in mistakes and out of pocket expenses. 

This program shows you step-by-step how to coupon in 2 hours a week!

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There are over 225 people in my Journey to Savings Program and have achieved amazing savings!

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Screen Shot 2022-09-07 at 2.55.30 PM.png
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For many students they have their BEST hauls after joining this program and learning how to keep their costs to $10 or less per haul!

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Angie got $48 worth of 
products for $1.98 out of pocket!


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Frequently Asked Questions!

I want to make sure you are even more excited about joining and get all your questions answered!

How long do you have access to this program & Facebook group for?

A Lifetime! You can watch and rewatch the videos as often as you like. You will also be a lifetime member of the Journey to Savings community. Anytime you have a question or want to post an amazing haul in the group you can!

When can I get started?

TODAY! When you enroll in this program, you will get your login info, and access to my private Facebook Group immediately! So there is nothing stopping you from saving the money you want to and learning how to coupon!

How long does it take to start saving money?

That's totally up to YOU! This is a learn at your own pace course. My most successful students finish the one of the store pillars in a week and start saving money and posting their incredible hauls right away! So the sooner you enroll and get started, the sooner you can save $1800 or more a year!

Laurel B

Are you on the fence? Hear what Ann had to say about joining the course!

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