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Target Couponing Haul 4/24-30/22 Paid $1.52 for all of this!

There are lots of easy deals you can do this week at Target to save on laundry products, personal care and food!

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Transaction #1

Buy 4 Get $5 Giftcard

1)Nivea Men Bodywash $4.49

1)Nivea Face Scrub $4.998

1)Skintimate Razor $5.99

1)Dove Teen $5.99= $21.46

Use $1 printable coupon for dove

Use $4 skintimate digital coupon

Use 25% off target circle for nivea men

Pay: $15.56 Get back $5 Giftcard

Ibotta: $1 back on Nivea

Ibotta: $2 back on Dove

Ibotta: $1.50 face scrub

Ibotta: $0.10 any facial care

Ibotta: $0.10 any face wash

Brandclub: $0.12 on Dove

Brandclub: $2.25 survey on Nivea

Final Cost: $3.49/4 or $0.87 each!

Buy 2 Get $5 Giftcard

1)Dreft $16.99

1)Downy $10.99 = 27.98

Use $3 downy from April PG

Brandclub $2.50 Downy survey

Use $3 dreft coupon from April PG

Brandclub Survey: $2.25 on dreft

Pay: $21.98 get back $5 Giftcard

Brandclub: $4.75

Final Cost: $12.23/2 or $6.12 each!

Option 2: Buy 2 Get $5 Giftcard

1)Downy $10.99

1)Snuggle $9.79= 20.78

Use $1.50 snuggle from 4/10 Save

Use $3 downy from April PG

Pay: $16.28 get back $5 Giftcard

Brandclub: $3 survey Snuggle

$2.50 survey Downy

Final Cost: $5.78/2 or $2.89 each!

Spend $25 Get $5 Giftcard Healthcare

4)Motrin $3.99 each

2)Dulcolax $4.99 = $25.94

Submit to checkout 51: $2.50 back each on Motrin

Use $3 digital for dulcolax

Submit to app for $3 back

Pay: $22.94

Get back $5 Giftcard, $10 checkout 51

$3 app

Final Cost: $4.94/6 products!

1)Mucinex instasoothe $4.99