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Target Couponing Haul 5/23-29/21 Cheap Dog Food & FREE Wine!

Target is on FIRE this week and who can pass up FREE WINE!? Ibotta has tons of great deals at Target, Walmart, CVS etc. I HIGHLY recommend using the app. I have saved over $6500 in the last year using the app which is CRAZY!

Always scan the products on the Target app to be sure the Target Circle offer is attaching to that product and that you have it clipped (click the + sign, when its a check mark then its activated on your account)

Same with Ibotta!

Referral Codes:

💸Rakuten Spend $30 Get $30 Cash Back! Sign Up:

💸Rebate Key:

💸Fluz: Cash Back App-


💸Shopkick: Use code: BREE2021 (has to be all caps)

💸Fetch Rewards: J24VT

New to Shopkick? Click HERE for a video tutorial

New to Ibotta? Click HERE for a video tutorial

Printable breakdown here

Buy 2 Dog Food Get $5 Giftcard

2)Beneful 14 lbs $13.69 each

Use 2- $3 printables NLA

Pay: $21.38

Ibotta: $3 back each Lim 2

Get back $5 GC

Final Cost: $10.38/2 or $5.17 each!

Pepsi Cans 3/$12

Use 25% Off Target Circle

Pay: $9/3 or $3 each!

Spend $25 Get $5 Giftcard

2) Coppertone $6.99 each

2) Cetaphil $5.79 each

Total: $25.56

Use 10% off Coppertone Target Circle

New Total: $24.44

Use $5/2 Coppertone from 5/23SS

Use $6/2 Cetaphil from 5/16 Save Insert

Pay $13.44 Get back $5 GiftCard

Submit to Ibotta: $1.25 each on Cetaphil= $2.50 back

Final Cost: $5.94/4 or $1.48 each!

Laundry Buy 2 get $5 gc

2) tide $11.99 each

1)California Roots Pino Grigio Wine $5.00

USe 15% off Target Circle

Ibotta: $5 back on any wine

Final Cost: FREE+ $0.75 MM!


1)Yellow Tail $5.49

Ibotta: $5 any brand wine

Ibotta: $1 yellow tail

= FREE+ $0.51 MM

1)Frutly $3.99

Use 20% Target Circle Offer

Ibotta: $2 back

= $1.19

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