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Walgreens Haul 10 Free Products ! 2 Money Maker Deals

In this video checkout some amazing Freebies and 2 Money Maker deals you can take advantage of this week! I used Ibotta and Shopkick in this video to make the deals even better.

New to Ibotta? Click HERE for a video on how easy it is to use the app and get Cash Back!

Referral Codes for the Apps in this video:


💸Shopkick: SAVE921744

I got back $11.25 Cash Back from these apps which helped lower my out of pocket cost.

There is also TONS OF HOT CLEARANCE! From the hair care isle, Schick Razors, Bulldog Products, Makeup and More. Be sure to keep an eye out when you are at Walgreens this week.

Printable Breakdown: HERE

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