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Walmart Ibotta Haul- Get $83 of Products for $1.50!

There are 8 money maker deals you can do this week at Walmart and do them FAST because a few expire this week. Always be sure you check the app IN-Store and submit your receipt when you get back to your car. That way you can try to prevent it disappearing before you submit your receipt. For example, I saw a Shopkick deal on U By Kotex Click Tampons and took a screenshot of the deal before I went to Walmart. 2-3 Hours later at Walmart, I checked the app before I picked up the products and it was gone. This will save you tons of time and hassle with buying items there is no rebate for.


Delsym has 2 rebates attaching!

All Free & Clear Packs are applying to both rebates for the Free & Clear, and the Oxi Packs! Giving you back $4 per bag. Limit of 2.

Printable Breakdown: HERE

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