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Walmart Ibotta Haul - Mid Week Money Maker Bonus!

See how you can complete your bonus and level up with these rebates! That includes 8 different freebies you can grab using ibotta and swagbucks!

Want FREE Fabletics and a possible money maker deals? Use this link

to do the fabletics 70% off deal through Swagbucks and get an additional 1500 SB ($15) back in 30 days!

I did this deal last time it came around and got my SB back on day 30 which was great!

Always be sure to scan the products you are buying on the Ibotta app to make sure the rebate is attaching to that product.

For Swagbucks, they recently changed the category "In-Store Deals" to Magic Receipts. Its the same thing. So to find the rebates on your swagbucks account;

click SHOP at the bottom

click Magic Receipts at the top

Scroll through and find the rebate and click it,

Click the + Sign to add the rebate to your account

Click Upload receipt at the bottom to submit for the rebate!

Printable Breakdown: HERE

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