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Walmart Ibotta Haul - Weekend Warrior Bonus!

I competed 3 bonuses in this haul which is amazing! See how you can save up to 80 % with these easy deals! Some don't use any coupons so anyone can do these deals! The bonuses do vary per account so open your Ibotta app and see what bonuses you have. You may need less rebates and get a different cash bonus for completing them.

*Always scan the products in store to see if the product matches the rebate you are submitting for. This also helps because you can see if additional rebates pop up! 4 deals I did today, had 2 rebates pop up which doubles my rebates and gets me closer to my Cold Hard Cash Bonus!

New to Ibotta? Click HERE for a video tutorial on how to use it.

Use Code: Qmehsbf to sign up and get a $10 Welcome Bonus!

Printable Breakdown: HERE

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