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Coupon Insert Schedule

We are getting 3 inserts on Sunday 5/2/2021.

2)Save (or RMN) 



 If you want to buy them online like I do click, HERE for BQ Savings and Use code Bree10 for 10% off!

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Featured deal:
Featured Deal:
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Fabletics has 70% off EVERYTHING again which is amazing! Sign up for a new VIP Membership and click HERE to get the deal! You can cancel your membership at anytime. I bought these for the first time a few months ago and absolutely love the quality. 

Hi, Im Bree

I started couponing in 2019 when I downloaded the Ibotta app from one of my friends at work. I LOVE puzzles and found it like a game to see how much I could save! I started putting together what deals I could grab in my weekly grocery shopping trips to hit my first bonus for $20 back! This led me to Youtube and watching how you could save so much money with digital coupons. My first coupon haul was at Walgreens and I got some tide and other laundry products for around 50% off. After that I was hooked! A few weeks later I started my own Youtube channel because I wanted to share that knowledge with others and show everyone how easy it is to save using some coupons and rebate apps! I'm so thankful to have my channel and Instagram to share as many deals with you all as possible!

Welcome to my Website!

Find all the information you need from how to start couponing and saving money, to the amazing deals and freebies each week! 

Want to learn how to coupon? You are in the right place! Get all you need here from HOT deals, Free printable coupons and MORE!

NEW to Couponing?

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Checkout a HUGE glitch on Pampers diapers and get them for just $2.33 each. There are tons of digital deals this week anyone can do! Get some Free Toothpaste, and razors as well. 

How to Resell Your Stockpile!

Reselling your stockpile can be a great side income. In this video I show you the 5 easy steps to reselling your items you get from couponing! Learn where to post, what to sell and of course the pricing!


See how you can get over $100 of products for FREE this week at CVS! There are lots of new digital coupons and printable coupons making the deals very beginner friendly. Checkout if you are the winner of the $100 VISA Giftcard too. 


Checkout how you can get $78 of products for only $12 this week at CVS. There are 4 inserts coming Sunday 1/3 with amazing coupons in it to make these deals super easy. Be sure to order some inserts HERE or buy some newspapers. 


Checkout how you can get 10 products FREE this week at CVS. You can also enter to win a Canon Printer in this video! Be sure to go to the Redbox when you get to CVS to print your Instant Coupons for this week for one of the Freebies!


Checkout how you can get over $90 of products FREE and a $9 Money Maker! I completed 2 bonuses with all the rebates and most of these deals are very beginner friendly!


Walgreens has some amazing deals this week especially using the Spend $5 Get $5 Walgreens Cash digital booster! Check out how you can get tide for just $0.16 here!


See how you can get another $100 of products for just $12 using rebate apps like Ibotta, Swagbucks and some printable coupons! These deals are very beginner friendly, so check  your Ibotta accounts and see what rebates you have!


Be sure to Enter my newest Giveaway in this video! Get a Bath/Spa Gift Basket from my DG Gift Basket Ideas Video! I also show you how I got $115 of products for FREE!  I paid $0 out of pocket and I'll show you exactly how I did it. 


Checkout some easy deals you can do to save money this week at Walgreens. There are also 3 winners announced for FREE Coupons in this video. 


See how I got all these items for FREE and MADE $6 doing so! There is also a GLITCH with Ibotta at Walmart to get Free Huggies Diapers!


Checkout some easy deals you can do to save money this week at Walgreens. There are also 3 winners announced for FREE Coupons in this video. 


Making a vision board is very easy and important to help you manifest your goals for 2021. Writing them down and sharing them with others helps put those goals into the universe so you can achieve them. See how you can do so in this video. 


See what digital coupon deals you can do at Walgreens this week! Super beginner friendly deals so make sure you clip these digital coupons so you can do these deals too!


See how you can MAKE $37 by purchasing these items online! The Spend $40 Get $40 Cash Back deal with Rakuten is for new users and expires Dec 31 so be sure to get your shopping in so you don't forget and miss out!


See if you are the winner for the gift basket from my previous CVS Haul Video! Its a slower week at CVS but I was still able to get some All and Snuggle for just $0.80 each and get some good Ibotta rebates!


Checkout some easy MONEY MAKER Deals at Walgreens this week! You can get some laundry products for FREE and actually make $9 in cash back doing it!


See 4 more creative gift basket ideas from items you can buy at your local Dollar Tree! There is a great basket for men as well! Checkout my best tips and tricks to putting together a nice gift basket for the holidays.

Checkout 4 Cheap gift basket ideas you can do from $5 - $15. Grab the items at Dollar General Saturday and use the $5/$25 digital coupon for more savings!


See how you can get 22 products FREE and more amazing deals this week at CVS. That's not even including the freebies we will get for the Black Friday Event!

New APP!


Be sure to enter my newest GIVEAWAY in this video and see how I got 7 items for under $5 this week. Dollar General has some HOT deals and glitches that you can do anyday!

Saving Star and App merged! There are lots of new features with the app and better ways to save! Checkout how to redeem for CASH BACK and step up  your savings game.