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Couponing 101!

New to couponing? You have come to the right place to start!

Learning how to coupon is EASY if you follow these simple steps!

1) Pick a store - choose a store that you want to start with.  

2) Get Coupons- Buy the Sunday paper for coupon inserts or order them online. 

3) Learn the lingo - See what all the different terms mean for couponing (see below)

4) Creat an Account -Go to your app store on your phone and download the stores app that you chose to start with like Walgreens, CVS, Dollar General, etc and create an account. 

5) Stay ORGANIZED! -Get a small coupon binder or somewhere you can store your coupons all in one place so you can always have them with you! (See below for the link to the one I use!)

6) Put Together Deals- Match weekly deals, with digital or paper coupons available that week for maximum savings!

7) Use Rebate Apps & Cash Back Websites- Submit your receipts to different rebate apps like Fetch Rewards or Ibotta to get cash back on your spending! If you are shopping online, always go through Rakuten or TopCashback so you can get additional cash back that way! ( all referral links and info on these are below!)

Want to save time and start saving money IMMEDIATELY? Checkout my couponing courses available.

Here are some videos to help you get the hang of couponing!

 2)Now you need to start getting some coupons! There are a few places to get paper coupons.

  • You can get them in the Sunday newspapers. Not every region gets all the coupons though. A lot of regions do not get the Retail Me Not insert. So where do you get those coupons? You can buy them online! 

  • You can also order individual coupons online. So if you know you want to stock up on Dove for example, and there are some great coupons coming in the Sunday paper, you can order just Dove coupons so you aren't buying coupons you don't plan on using. The website I use for this is Use Code ABREESPRING for 10% off your first order! Shipping is usually $1 and the coupons are $0.15 each. 

3) Learn the Lingo!

See what all the abbreviations and lingo for couponing means!

4)Create an Account

Once you have chosen a store you want to start with, you want to create an account. For example, if you chose Dollar General, you can go to or download their mobile app and create an account completely FREE! All the stores like, HEB, Target, Dollar General, CVS, Walgreens etc have free accounts you can create. Follow the steps and be sure to remember you password! You also want to use an email that you are able to get into. Some accounts may require you to verify your email. 

5) Get Organized

Staying organized with your coupons is SO important! There are tons of coupons from makeup and skin care to grocery foods. Having them in a coupon binder is key to having a smooth haul and a quick one! An option I use is a plastic coupon binder from Amazon. I like them to be plastic in case you spill water on the case or something leaks near it (I have had a bottle of water leak on my previous cloth coupon binder and it was A MESS!)

  • Click Here for the link to the coupon  binder

       I use for only $8.99!

Coupon Binder.PNG

6) Putting Deals Together

Each store has a weekly ad. Some stores have different ad cycles so you will want to check the ad to see what days the sales prices are valid for. They are usually always for a week long. Publix for example, doesn't start on Sunday like Walgreens and CVS does. 

Now you can check the ads and see what deals you can do for that week that you can use your coupons with for additional savings! In the CVS & Walgreens ad, it even tells you IN THE AD if there is a digital coupon available to be used! How great is that? 

This is how you know for each store, if there is a digital coupon you can use:

CVS Digital Coupon 2.PNG
CVS Digital Coupon Weekly Ad Photo.PNG
CVS Black and Pink.png
Walgreens Black and Pink.png
Walgreens Digital Coupon in Weekly Ad.PN

For CVS, there can be a Black down arrow, that means there will be a send to card digital coupon for that deal. It also states it in the deal. In the Tide Deal for example, it says - $2.00 manufacturers coupon in our app. Other times, it will look like the second photo showing you there will be a $1 send to card digital coupon for the Colgate deal. 

For Walgreens, It will say online coupon in the deal on the weekly ad. For the Oral  B Deal for example, it shows the Oral B are $4 each and there is a $3/2 digital coupon. And when you buy 2 you will get a $4 Register Reward.

7) Use Rebate Apps for additional Cash Back!

There are lots of cash back apps you can take advantage of to make the deals even better! Go to the Rebate Apps Tab to see videos on how to use the ones I use in my shopping hauls. 

There are 2 types of rebate apps. Some you scan receipts for points and others you are redeeming for rebates that you activate before you shop. 

Fetch Rewards: You can get points for scanning receipts from your shopping trips to stores like: Walmart, Aldi, Big Lots, Publix, Walgreens, CVS, Etc. You can exchange those points for gift cards to hundreds of different stores. I personally cash out for Walmart or CVS so I can use those to pay any remainder balance on my shopping trip hauls. 

Ibotta: get cash back for rebates on different items. You activate the rebates, buy them in the store, then submit your receipt to get the cash back on those specific items. You can then cash out to your paypal or gift cards. 

Click the links to review the Coupon Policy at the different stores. Learning what is accepted can help you have a successful haul and get the most savings!

Want to learn what the rebate app rewards convert to for CASH? Click HERE to see what $1 translates into for each rebate app. 

Need to Contact Customer Service/Support for stores or Apps?

Need to contact support for different stores or rebate apps? Click HERE for all the email addresses and links to submit a ticket to get your issues resolved from missing rebates, digital coupons not working, etc. 

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