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Walgreens Haul - $5 MM!

These deals are valid from 3/7-13/2021 and there are a ton of deals that you can do with digital coupons and printable coupons! Anyone can do these deal which makes it super beginner friendly. I also have 2 transactions you can do at the end so your out of pocket cost is $8.98 + Tax for 13 items!

Always be sure to scan the products on the Walgreens App to make sure they attach to the digital coupon AND that you have clipped the digital coupon. You have to click the + sign to add the coupon to your account in order for it to come off at checkout when you type in your phone number.

To scan products on the app:

Go to Shop & Savings at the bottom

Go to Savings at the top

Click the Search icon

Click the barcode on the top right and scan the product barcode in that window.

Any coupons that attach to that product will show up when you scroll down a little.

Printable Breakdown: HERE

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