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Walmart Ibotta Haul! - 3 Bonuses Completed.

Enter my newest giveaway in this video on my Youtube channel! I am giving away 5 copies of my new CVS Couponing eBook! The winners will be announced Sunday in my CVS Haul Video.

I completed 3 different bonuses in this video and there are tons of deals using NO Coupons or using printable coupons so anyone can do these rebates to get that bonus cash!

*Always scan the product on the Ibotta app to make sure the product works with the rebate. AND be sure to open the shopkick app inside Walmart to get 10 kicks just for being at Walmart!

Referral Codes:


💸Shopkick: Use code: BREE2021 (has to be all caps)


💸Fetch Rewards: J24VT

Bonuses Completed:

March Money $10 for 20 rebates

March Level 1: $0.50 for 40 rebates

Mid Week Money Maker $1 for 15 rebates

Printable Breakdown: HERE

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